3D Moon Light Keychain

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This Full Moon keychain is perfect for you:

  • Created with the most innovative 3D printing technology, a perfect replica of the moon in your pocket
  • Super light, never weight you down.
  • Keyring designed with ergonomics in mind, so you can easily loop your keys
  • Smooth as silk surface, easily to put in and take out of your pockets and purses
  • The moon gives off a radiant light in the dark, so you can quickly locate your keys

The Full Moon Keychain is the newest products in the Moon Product Series, with the 3D Moon Hovering Light as its predecessor. Made with state-of-the-art 3D printing technique, the moon is replicated down to the tiniest details, with every pattern on the keychain resembling their real-life counterparts. Such intricacy is now within your grasp.

Now, imagine you are in your room and need to find your car key as quickly as possible to make it to your dinner date or midnight flight. You cannot remember where you put the key, and the clock is ticking. Then you turn off the light, and instead of complete darkness, a radian light surfaced. The moon is literally your guiding light. There your key! Now enjoy your dinner and flight. You can apply this method to practically every time-pressing situation you can think of. Who among us hasn't wished we have the ability to locate elusive keys  whenever we want? Now it is entirely possible!

Also makes for a perfect gift to friends and families, as well as a cool party trick to show off to your friends. With a bit of your creativity it can also become a decorative piece for your house. The possibility is endless! Get one now and check it out for yourself!

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